Effective Communications In All Extreme Situations

Full duplex, intrinsically safe, confined space, hard line communication system. An effective and reliable, hands free system, with clear and continuous communication for teams of up to 10 people working in hazardous and extreme situations where other conventional communications won't work.

A Communication system that is fast and easy to deploy.

Illustrations of confined space components

Full duplex

Intrinsically safe

Reduce the risk in confined space entry

Reinforce security

Break the isolation of workers

Reduce stress

Improve reactivity

Optimize the working entry time

Comply with OHSA requirements

UL and MSHA approved

Connects 2 - 10 people

Usable with breathing apparatus

For Work And Rescue At Height Or Underground

The entry safety attendant monitors the system, powered from only 3AA batteries.

The connected team of 2, or up to 10 people, able to communicate continuously between each other and the entry safety attendant at distances of up to 3 miles.

The superior sound and quality of this communication system make it ideal for work and rescue at height or in confined spaces, mining and other dangerous or high noise places.

System Kits

The NFPA approved colored communication safety rope is ideal for working at height. System kits are compatible with the full product range and can be customized for your team as required.

Options include:

Benefits include:

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