Saving Lives With Thermal Image Cameras


The Aura rugged hand-held thermal image camera is small, light and robust. Built to firefighting standards, it enables the user to see through smoke, detect hot spots and search for casualties. This robust camera can also save lives at sea in 'man overboard' situations.

photo of the Aura Thermal Imaging Camera

Weighs just under 1½lb

3½" HD OLED display

Programmable start-up logo

Thermal Sensitivity <16mK

Secure hand-held position

Smart lithium ion battery

10 hours of battery life

Simple one button operation

Software holds up to 1000 images

Military Spec Hardened Case

The small hand-held Aura TIC weighs just under 1½lb. Housed in a military spec hardened case, it has a 3½" OLED display which gives a sharper and brighter image definition than the standard LED display.

As well as a secure hand-held position the camera is also designed to easily clip on to a lanyard.

The camera operates with one single button, with easy navigation of the factory-fixed multiple display levels, with spot temperature (Fahrenheit), four color maps, battery and temperature gauge. The 51º wide angle lens and internal software give up to 1000 image captures and can be upgraded to video recording capability if required.

photo of the Aura Thermal Imaging Camera

The Aura TI Camera is powered by an integral power pack capable of ten hours continual usage and will charge from flat to 50% in 2½ hours it comes with a truck charger option.

The camera comes complete with download cables and software and is NFPA 1801 compliant. Servicing options give the capacity to update and upgrade the software.

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