Hands Free Detection Of Hot Spots Beyond The Smoke

the halo

Halo the lightest and smallest full screen helmet mounted or hand held fire-fighting thermal imaging camera in the world. Designed specifically for the demanding needs of detecting hot spots and heat sources in tactical firefighting, marine, military and special forces.

The Halo TIC is unique: the advanced design allows the camera to attach directly to the side of a helmet, so as not to restrict movement or obscure vision; freeing both hands for the user when life is at risk in an emergency rescue situation.

From The Pioneers Of Thermal Imaging

photo of the Halo Thermal Imaging Camera

Ultra Small Design

Pioneers in thermal imaging that have assisted NASA study the Earth from space, now bring the world's first 'Hands Free' thermal imaging camera for Fire Fighters. A design so revolutionary that technology had to catch up.

The ultra-small design weighs just under 14 ounces and clips to the helmet with a quarter turn. The Halo can also be easily detached and passed to another user.

The 51º wide angle lens delivers a sharp image definition to the 2½" OLED screen that extends on an adjustable flexible arm.

Powered by an integral smart lithium ion battery with a 10 hour life, the unit shares the same core and software as the hand-held Aura and also operates with a single button.

Please contact info@dash-us.com for further information about The Halo hands free thermal imaging camera.