Military and USAR Lift and Drag Stretcher

photo of a rapid response stretcher

Max carrying weight 330lb

Less that 13lb in weight

6 strong grip carry handles

Easy to carry and deploy

Designed to be dragged

Does not crease or snag

Large stainless steel buckles

Color coded adjustable straps

A Quick Load Stretcher

This lightweight and compact stretcher is easily transported and quickly deployed.

A robust stretcher that weighs approximately 13lbs. Compact and easily carried. A quick load stretcher being suitable for a casualty up to 330lbs.

With six easy grip carry handles and an eyelet at the head, the stretcher can be carried or dragged easily and quickly. No webbing passes under the stretcher, preventing damage whilst dragging.

The stretcher has a smooth finish and is easily cleaned, rolled up and packed in its bag, ready for use. All the straps and carry handles are user replaceable.

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