For Fire Departments, USAR Teams, CBIRF, First Responders

photo of a roll up rescue stretcher photo of storage case for roll up stretcher

Maximum Casualty Weight 880lb

Robust Yet Lightweight

Rolls Up For Compact Storage And Easy Transport

Large Stainless Steel Buckles

Color Coded Adjustable Straps

Straps And Hand Grips Are User Replaceable

Lifts Both Horizontally And Vertically

Smooth Stretcher Underside For Dragging

Resistant To Salt Water For Marine Rescue

For Fast Deployment In Dangerous Situations

This lightweight and compact roll up stretcher is easily transported and quickly deployed.

The roll up stretcher can be hauled horizontally or vertically, carrying a casualty of up to 880lbs. Color-coded securing straps mold the flexible material of the stretcher around the casualty safely.

For greater security any branded spinal splint may be used but our spinal splint adds less than ½" to the girth.

In addition, strong side handles allow several rescuers to manipulate the roll up stretcher in emergency situations. The smooth underside of the stretcher prevents damage to strapping when dragged.

Reinforced color-coded lifting eyelets and securing buckles are manufactured from stainless steel and will not be adversely affected, even by salt water.

The stretcher has a smooth finish and is easily cleaned, rolled up and packed in its bag, ready for use. All the straps and carry handles are user replaceable.

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