To Protect USAR Teams, First Responder Task Forces, etc.

This small device serves a big purpose! It will monitor the movement and vibration of any unstable structure; protecting the lives of those working in unsafe and dangerous places.

Swift Evacuation Protects Lives

Once tolerance levels are set by the operator it continuously detects movement and vibration, alarming visually and audibly when the user defined settings are reached. Enabling the rescuer to evacuate to a place of safety.

Multiple Activation Alarm Settings

Multiple settings accommodate for the many different situations of technical rescue. For example, when drilling or cutting is required, the monitor allows a 'movement only' setting. This setting disables the monitoring of vibration and, to aid the rescue team further, the monitor activates a visual alarm should the surrounding noise makes hearing an alarm difficult.

The user defined options and settings will not only protect and assist a rescue team but can also reduce further distress to trapped victims.

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